Pātaka Kai (open food pantry) is now at the Ōwairaka Community Hub

19 Nov 2021
v3 Pataka Kai

If you’ve walked by the corner of Range View and Richardson Roads lately, you might have noticed a cheerful bright yellow cupboard, with the words “Give what you can, take what you need” painted on the front. It’s the Ōwairaka community’s ‘Pātaka Kai’ (food pantry), which has recently been relocated from the community garden on Hendon Avenue, to the Ōwairaka Community Hub. 

Pātaka Kai Open Street Pantries is a grassroots community movement that aims to rescue food and encourage co-sharing between neighbours to strengthen communities. It’s a judgement-free way for the community to give and receive food, and is open 24/7, with no registration or criteria, or money exchanged.

There are just a few common-sense guidelines:

- Keep it tidy - please don’t leave any big boxes or bags behind
- Food only - no clothing or any other goods
- Leave non-perishable food before its use-by date, or fruit and veggies from your garden
- Give and receive with aroha

You can read more about Pātaka Kai here, or contact Kirsten at the Ōwairaka Community Hub on 021571682 if you have any questions.