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The Awa

The restoration of Te Auaunga Awa (Oakley Creek) and the walkways and parks alongside it is transforming Roskill into a greener, healthier, more connected suburb. The creek flows through many of Mt Roskill’s neighbourhoods and is considered a socially, culturally and environmentally significant waterway.

A 1.5km stretch of the stream was recently restored by Auckland Council, local boards, mana whenua, community groups, local volunteers, and other agencies. 

What used to be a concrete channel with little public access or amenity is now a scenic and welcoming space that the community can be proud of, complete with walkways, cycleways, native flora, playgrounds, orchards, public artworks, and an outdoor classroom. The project has also helped to improve stream flow capacity in order to reduce flooding in the area.

The housing development planned for Roskill and surrounding neighbourhoods will also contribute to the restoration of the 15km stream, known locally as ‘the awa’. The Roskill Development team is working with the community and other agencies to streamline restoration projects on Kāinga Ora land bordering the creek.

By orienting new housing to overlook the awa, it will become a safer place to play, exercise, walk and cycle, as well as a positive visual amenity for the neighbourhood.

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