Fitness, fairways and fantastic flavours

15 Apr 2024

Sam and Ellie searched for their perfect Auckland home for two years before the opportunity to buy a brand new three-bedroom home in Mt Roskill came along in one of those seemingly ‘meant to be’ moments. 

The couple entered a KiwiBuild ballot to buy a terraced home but thought they missed out, only to get a phone call to tell them the home had become available. They had 12 hours to make a decision, but Ellie says it didn’t take them that long – after some quick chats to gather advice from their families they went for it. 

Their home, which they bought off the plan for $860,000, was built by Neilston Homes and took just nine months to complete. “Neilston Homes are super efficient, and we had great communication from them. We were really impressed,” says Ellie. 

After four months living in Roskill they feel they’ve discovered the perfect spot for their age and stage – they’re thrilled with the quality of the build; they have enough room when they’re ready to start a family; the neighbours are great; and they really appreciate the central location. The proximity to the motorway makes it an easy commute for Sam who works in finance in the CBD and Ellie who is a teacher at a nearby school. 

“I’m a bit of a keen golfer and we’re right across from the Akarana Golf Course, which is a massive bonus, too,” says Sam. 

Since moving to the area, Sam and Ellie have unearthed many local gems that suit their active lifestyles. They run together to keep fit at the Lovelock Track, an all weather synthetic track in War Memorial Park, Wesley, which is a two-minute drive away. They also walk and work out in Freeland Reserve, which is on their doorstep, and Sam likes to run up Puketāpapa Mt Roskill. 

Sam has also loved exploring Dominion Road’s eateries. “It’s a cool community – it has so many great places to eat. Straight down Dominion Road you’ve got all the Chinese food places in Balmoral. In Sandringham there’s Paradise Indian which is pretty famous. There’s queues all the way out of the store. It’s really good!” 

“I love Roskill a lot,” says Ellie. “Staying in this area, owning a dog and having a family over the next five to 10 years is the dream. We’re just so blessed to have this house.” Ellie says she would have bought the first home they saw at the beginning of their two-year search. “But Sam said we need to find the right place for us. This is really the right place; the right community – we’re so glad we waited to find the perfect home.”

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