Traditionally, Aucklanders’ idea of ‘home’ has been a standalone house on a big section in the suburbs. Over time that house has become bigger, more expensive and further away from the city. But more recently our lifestyles have changed, and the housing market is changing with them. Smart-sized options that make great use of space - and are more suited to modern life - are popping up in desirable central locations, like the Roskill area.

There are 10,000 homes coming to the wider Roskill area, including the kind of high quality apartments, terraces and duplexes that are commonly found in the world’s most forward-thinking cities. Plans to revamp and expand popular public spaces and amenities in these already thriving neighbourhoods are also underway, and are set to make Roskill one of the most sought-after places to live in Auckland.


A range of housing types and sizes means it's easy to find something that's right for you at Roskill

Jalcon Homes

Duplex homes for sale in Ōwairaka.
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Mike Greer Homes

Duplex homes available in Roskill South.
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Four reasons Roskill could be right for you

Only pay for what you’ll use

It pays to think outside the box when looking for a new home. Roskill’s range of terraces, apartments and walk ups are designed with clever floor plans and features that make better use of space than a typical standalone home, meaning you’ll only pay for what you use, without compromising on quality, practicality or style.

Spend more time on what matters

Life’s too short to spend your spare time on home maintenance. All of Roskill’s new homes will be built to last, with no corners cut when it comes to materials or workmanship. So forget about that fixer-upper and think about what you can do with all those extra weekend hours.

All of Auckland on your doorstep

Going smaller and more affordable means big things when it comes to your lifestyle. Fitting into established communities means you’ll have great schools, parks and eateries right on your doorstep. Plus, being centrally-located with easy access to public transport means you’ll never be too far away from big city life.

It’s the perfect first step

Chances are your first home won’t be the one you retire in. Rather than starting with a big standalone house (with big maintenance and big commutes), focus on what’s right for you, right now. Approximately one third of all new homes coming to Roskill will be KiwiBuild homes, which will be available to eligible first home buyers of all ages and stages.


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