Streetscaping has started in Ōwairaka

28 Jan 2021

What is streetscaping and how will it benefit the Ōwairaka community? 

Check out our new animated video that explains what to expect, why the upgrade is so important, and how it’ll benefit everyone in Ōwairaka for years to come.

As part of the Roskill Development, Kāinga Ora is building over 1,000 new warm, dry homes in Ōwairaka. Streetscaping is an important and exciting milestone in our work towards preparing land for new homes to be built.

As development work progresses, we need to upgrade existing infrastructure and amenities to help support the community’s growing population. These upgrades include things like:

  • separating stormwater and wastewater networks
  • improving roads
  • creating new or improved play areas
  • supporting local schools to accommodate new students, and much more

The streetscaping that we’re doing in Ōwairaka now is an important milestone in this work. It’s where we: 

  • replace old, above ground powerlines with modern, underground power services
  • place new communications and water services underground 
  • upgrade street lighting 
  • create new, wider footpaths
  • install traffic calming features such as zebra crossings and speed bumps 
  • improve landscaping, including planting around 80 native trees and installing new rain gardens to improve stormwater flow
  • upgrade play areas and green spaces for everyone to enjoy

Undergrounding things like power and communication services makes streetscapes look tidier, allows for wider berms, and removes the risk of people and animals coming into contact with power lines. It also helps future-proof neighbourhoods, protecting them from the elements and making them less susceptible to damage.

And this work doesn’t just support population growth. It also improves the visual appeal of the neighbourhood and makes it safer for both pedestrians and motorists.

Streetscaping is just one of the ways we’re helping build a more vibrant, safe and thriving Ōwairaka that serves the community for years to come.