Ōwairaka trees have found their new homes

18 Jul 2023
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In July last year, the trees from the former Ōwairaka Community Hub and Info Cube site embarked on a new journey. Arborists carefully evaluated each one, determining which could withstand transplantation.

The trees that couldn't be successfully moved were honoured in a dawn poroporoaki (farewell), hosted by mana whenua from Ōwairaka Kuia and Kaumātua Roopu. We expressed our heartfelt gratitude before returning them to Papatūānuku, the earth mother.

Those that were robust enough for transplantation found temporary refuge at Te Whangai Trust, a local community-led native nursery and life skills development hub. Then, in November, two Nikau trees, a Karaka, and a Puka tree were relocated to Te Ararata stream in Mangere.

Elsewhere, a small Puka tree found a new home at Waterlea School, while Banana Palm and Macadamia seedlings were welcomed by Molley Green Reserve in Waikōwhai.

Watch the trees being transplanted


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