Introducing Karla to Roskill South

09 Jul 2018

Me at my Great Grandmother’s home in Freeland Ave where changes are already happening. I spent a lot of time here with five generations of my whānau.

Kia ora tatou.

I am proud to have the responsibility as the new Community Development and Engagement Coordinator for HLC.

Born and bred in a state house in Roskill South and now living in Lynfield, I have loved working in my community for the past 25 years. Most of this time was spent at the Lynfield Recreation Centre working my way from childminding to managing the facility, learning more and more from the community. Most recently working with Roskill Together, a small community-led project which enabled me to use what I learned to help residents actively create a better community.

I believe my upbringing in a village-like environment led me to work with people.  Growing up, we knew all our neighbours, were always in each others homes, shared everything and worked together to help each other. Those neighbour’s are lifelong friends and whānau.

My new role is similar to my childhood, I will be out and about meeting neighbours in our ‘village’, chatting over cups of tea (and hopefully home baking!), sharing information about the changes in our community and listening to your concerns. This is our opportunity to invest in our homes.