Moving to the music at Future Future

05 Mar 2024
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Moving to the music took a different meaning when Roskill residents rode through the Future Future festival.

Spanning three kilometres of Auckland cycle paths – including through some of Roskill Development’s neighbourhoodsFuture Future is designed to be accessed by bike, scooter or on foot.

From Suzy Cato to King Kapisi, festival-goers enjoyed sets from more than 20 different artists, along with a range of free workshops and activities, as they rode or walked from stage to stage and one activity to another.

Along their journey, people could also find the Roskill Development team – there to provide a few updates on what’s happening in the area. The team shared information about new homes, upgrades to parks, public spaces and local infrastructure, along with details about options for making that first-home purchase a little easier to afford.

Future Future aims to reduce Auckland’s emissions by encouraging more people to walk, bike or use scooters for smaller trips. And with free music and activities on offer, we can’t think of better motivation for getting out and enjoying our beautiful neighbourhoods!

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