Introducing The Ōwairaka Community Team

05 Oct 2018
Karla Beazley Sue Elliot2

Karla Beazley, assisted by Sue Elliott make up the HLC Community Development and Engagement team in ōwairaka.

Karla was born and bred in a state house in neighbouring Mt Roskill and is now living in Lynfield. Karla has been working within the community for the past 25 years, with much of that time spent at the Lynfield Community Centre. She has enjoyed learning more and more from the community and is looking forward to doing the same with the amazing people of ōwairaka.

Working with refugees and new migrant families for more than 20 years in the area, Sue has learned much about community resilience and the importance of involving people in decisions about their communities in the future.

A week or so ago, a long-term resident reminded us of the cycle of ōwairaka community life. Families grow up, new people move into the area and older people hold the memories of ōwairaka. We’re looking forward to meeting all of you over the next few months, sharing information with you as soon as we can, and listening to your concerns. Say hi if you see us around!