Freeland Reserve does its job in Auckland’s floods

09 Feb 2023
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Wherever Kāinga Ora enables new homes to be built, our first task is reviewing and redesigning the infrastructure that protects the environment and keeps communities safe. As soon as the heavy rain hit Auckland on Friday the 27th of January, our civil works partner, Piritahiwho is tasked with improving and building new infrastructure, leapt into action to check on families in our development neighbourhoods and keep a close eye on how the infrastructure was coping. 

It was good to see that the infrastructure performed as it is designed to, despite the unprecedented rain event. There has been media analysis around thoughtful intensification, stormwater provision and the role of 'spongy spaces' in improving our city’s resilience. We are proud of the role we, alongside Piritahi, are playing in demonstrating these ideas in action.

In Roskill Development, Freeland Reserve stood up well to the weather onslaught, protecting neighbouring properties from floodwaters and directing rainwater down the overland flow path. This prevented more widespread flooding avoiding greater amounts of debris and contaminants getting into our waterways.

Greenslade Reserve in Northcote Development is a recently completed stormwater retention basin as well as a sports ground and park. It too performed very well to collect water and avoid it reaching more homes. On Friday night and early Saturday it was flooded. By late Saturday morning, all the surface water had drained through and families were playing on the grass.

Greenslade Reserve at around 6pm on Friday 27th January, doing what it is designed to.

Greenslade Reserve late Saturday morning with people playing on the grass.

In the areas where we have completed stormwater work, it has made a real difference, reducing the severity of the outcomes on the 27th of January for many Aucklanders.

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