Digger Day fun in Ōwairaka

28 Aug 2020

In July, the Roskill Development community team and land development company Piritahi got together to put on a special ‘Digger Day’ for the kids at Ōwairaka Kindergarten.

Currently, the Ōwairaka neighbourhood is undergoing a transformation, with the upgrading of the underground stormwater and wastewater system. This new network is designed to increase capacity to serve more homes, and lessen the risk of pipeline failure and overflows. 

The digger day was a fun way to share with the school kids about this project, and what’s happening in their neighbourhood. Children got to dress up in real construction gear and enjoyed a pretend drive of a little digger courtesy of Piritahi, who also gave a talk about the stormwater works. The kids then had a chance to play with a little cardboard playhouse neighbourhood and get stuck in with lots of colourful bright paint, plus there was an interactive construction themed play area with piles of stones, mud, sand and a sticky gloop river to explore with lots of play construction vehicles.

We loved getting out into the community and the day was filled with messy, imaginative construction themed fun! Take a look at some of the photos from the day here.