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30 Aug 2021
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Mike Greer, executive director of Mike Greer Homes, is excited about the opportunity to help develop the Roskill community to its fullest potential. He says Roskill locals love where they live, and Mike Greer Homes only wants to enhance the neighbourhoods that already exist.

“We want to provide new homeowners and the community with a real sense of pride in where they live,” Mike says. New Zealand’s largest privately owned residential construction company, Mike Greer Homes is bringing its ability to build affordable, quality houses at scale to the Roskill Development.

In the first stages of the development, the company is building 78 homes in Roskill South, comprising a mix of standalone, duplex, two-storey terraces, and three-level walk-up apartments.

“We bring more affordable homes to the market than any other building company in New Zealand.” Mike Greer is building its standalone, duplex, terrace homes, and walk-up apartments in two-and three-storey configurations widely across the development to increase the number of homes available and use land efficiently.

The company is also exploring several options for manufacturing components of the homes off-site, which will decrease build times and help minimise disturbance to residents. “There are some exciting developments we are working on at present,” Mike says.

Siteworks began in the latter part of last year and, Mike says, all homes will be completed by November this year. Mike says he enjoys an open and collaborative partnership with Kāinga Ora and the upcoming projects in Roskill South will be the first of many over the next 10 years.

“We feel that the Roskill area is going from strength to strength – and we are excited to be partnering with Kāinga Ora to help develop this community to its fullest potential,” he says. “The rolling nature of the land and its abundance of natural features certainly provides us, as the developer, with a number of challenges. However, using our professional design and construction teams we have managed to come up with great solutions that help highlight the unique features Roskill has.”

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